Spirit of Love

The Christmas spirit
stolen from some
or in reality, was it given up

A surrendering attitude
for a past love, that is gone
and they’ve taken with them
the part of the spirit, that releases your love

Tapping the heart
as that verse was read
a justified anger, enters your head
a deafening call, that no one can hear
an outcry to the soul, and then you declare

“What have I done, how could it be
I lost the most precious gift, inside of me”
and within that moment, there is a change
your spirit complete, you’re no longer estranged

Able to love, and be loved again
your life begins, to feel so refreshed
and while addressing a spiritual need
you have found, your internal peace



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The day my spirit leaves me
I want everyone to celebrate, and not cry
play my favorite music, and do plenty of dancing
remembering me by not crying, but laughing

As my father had said to us once, dance at the end
and cry at the beginning, is how life should be
for all of the suffering that’s in between
and when your life is all done, you would have learned
your outcome in life, is how well you discern…



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Poetic Pain

Reading a post, my heart took a tumble
why such a connection, to your heart’s reflection

Wisdom teaching, from the very beginning
difficult times, lead to our lessons in life
the big picture unknown, but please don’t worry
the beauty in art, is not in a hurry

The perils are there, to reflect and adjust
the negative concept, is only in trust
for you have the power, to alter with courage
releasing to pen, what you consider disparage

To your surprise, many resonate
with your emotional artwork
that you so poetically state



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Ego Dilemma

Hearing others and observing their ways
constant complaining and hatred in their faces
verbal vibrations sent out into the world
not knowing it comes back, to settle a score

“I was just venting”—but was it all true
not a single embellishment to impress me of you?
not putting angles on the words that you speak
that one day may return, causing your soul to be weak

Don’t create a bad past, by not dealing with the present
don’t let the sun go down without reflection
and then, follow up with a loving action

When you learn to love life
through the good and the bad
your loving response to all situations
demonstrates you have finally reached an internal greatness
you no longer cater to your worst enemy
and that is known as, the ego entity


Cheating Person

Entering the unknown
exciting, yet scary
one step at a time
with time there are worries

Acclimating well, then becoming complacent
stuck in a rut, then reaching out for new excitement

An added energy, temporarily proud
of exchanging and timing, everything well
with time there are errors, quite plainly seen
the nervous burdens, of a cheating person