Children & Joy

I trade my selfishness to watch you play, to know you’re experiencing a wonderful day. I watch you explore and question in mind, the various things I can’t quite explain. I love to observe but listen too, to children’s voices as they sing. I’m not certain why but my tears want to flow, as they … More Children & Joy


It is said that when you look deeply into one’s eyes, you could uncover their internal world. When I look into my mirror, I often wonder if others see you too. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


Both stomach and feet trip at the sound of your voice; I lose my balance… ©EN, All Rights Reserved


Our direction matters not, though the distance seems so far. It’s the intersection of destiny, where we shall finally meet. ©EN, All Rights Reserved


A target was hit, that others had missed because it turned itself sideways. Too thin to attempt, it didn’t want to connect. But then you sent waves in; and with time, the target slowly turned facing only you. Thus, there was no way You could miss © EN, All Rights Reserved

Christmas Love

The cold is getting bitter, the leaves are now all gone; the gloominess the clouds dispense,  the sun seems almost lost. But there is something magical, for weeks, it fills the air; the people change and rearrange their love is everywhere. It’s not all about the presents, nor the pretty decorations. It’s putting down, the … More Christmas Love

Cosmic Diamond

When stars seem to multiply, I send you kisses in the night; and when one falls that’s far away, it leads you to the place I stay. I travel light just to explore; (I’m coming closer from afar). Look up and search  the stars tonight, for the cosmic diamond,  as I float by. © EN, … More Cosmic Diamond

Your Special Day

Today is a special day. It is my sister’s birthday. I recently realize, her and my brother are the same age for a month. (I guess I never really gave it much thought.) And as I calculate, the first three above me; my mom was pregnant within two to three months just after each baby … More Your Special Day


In another world, that somehow becomes magical. A source of energy leaving one high, that continues when going to bed at night. Culminating ideas, it brings out the best of them in you. A force so strong time’s in a different realm. What is it? The wonders of  Love… © EN, All Rights Reserved