Health Codes

Your thoughts dictate your memory in a subconscious state, filed internally your health beholds your state of mind happy-being healthy, and depressed-not being kind You respond to emotions, on a cellular level sending signals of types which respond in a moment searching your spirit, which way do we flow a happy healing or a disease-riddled … More Health Codes

Tastes So Good

So enticed by the sugar, vibrant colors and chemical flavors my palate no longer in tune with the taste of natural foods I once savored For deceiving the taste buds, man has the answer but my body responds with diseases and cancers isn’t more money wasted on flavor research and consistency than making and honoring … More Tastes So Good

Power in God

Too much time on my hands I dedicate some to learning reading and writing, creating a yearning by mistake, I come across a whole new field better said, history of a higher knowledge repeating itself Man cannot hide what the universe has to offer an awakening of masses in past decades still coming forth each … More Power in God