Until We Meet…

Your words, touching my soul
yet I have never heard your voice

A connection as if I once knew you
But in person, I have yet to see you

A world that is relatively small
yet you are a world away
where your tomorrow, is my today

My heart does hope happily
that one day we shall meet
to partake in witty dialogue
over a warm, cozy drink

For now, imagination taking its place
until we meet, one beautiful day…



Liebster Award – 9/25/17

Hello Readers.  I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the beautiful Yazzeus.  Her blog site is Alyazya.   Please go check her out at https://yazzeus.com/2017/09/25/i-was-nominated-liebster-award.  She is a student and I love her bluntness.

I’ve never had to do this before, so I hope I’m following protocol.  If not, please forgive me.  Ten things about me:

  1.  I love to dance Salsa.
  2.  I love to listen to music
  3.  I love hosting small-medium gatherings
  4.  I’ve never written before
  5.  Family is important (even when you don’t get along).
  6.  My pet peeve is disorganization; it causes unnecessary stress.
  7.  Less material items means more $ for travel.
  8.  I love engaging in deep conversations.
  9.  I need to learn more about blogging.
  10.  I appreciate every person that takes the time to read my material, so thank you if  you are reading this.

Yazzeus’ questions:

  1. “Satisfaction, fulfillment, or happiness” which of those do you choose and why?Happiness is my choice.  It’s not defined by how much you have, but that you get to determine what it is for you.  No obligation to chase it when you may already have it.
  2. What are the things that you’re most grateful for?All my experiences in life both good and bad.  I have a stronger sense of individuality than before.
  3. If you can reside anywhere elsewhere will it be?An island that does not get hurricanes.  Not sure where that would be.
  4.  What’s your most embarrassing habit that you’re secretly proud?Being blunt.  Sometimes people can’t handle it, but no offense intended.
  5. If you can erase a part of your past what would it be and why?Nothing, I wouldn’t be me.
  6. Revisit a turning point in your life or a transitional period; what did you learn from it?It’s not worth holding onto.  Once you let it release, you discover an improved person you didn’t know existed.
  7. Who/what inspires your content?There’s so much, now that I view life differently.  I can be anything that I don’t even expect.
  8. What goals do you hope to achieve through your blog?Touch people’s hearts and hope they open up to their true being.
  9. What’s the most challenging part about blogging?Not sure how to have a colored page and put words on it then paste use it as my feature picture.  I keep trying but it’s not working out so far, lol.
  10. When did you realize that you wanted to be a content creator?Beginning of this year.  My brain just started with all these poetic thoughts.
  11. What advice can you give bloggers?Write from the heart and don’t edit too much.  The story will change. or become too long.

I don’t know how to nominate other people, but here is my random list, and I read where you only have to comment to one, so I will have a hard time choosing.

  1.  Purplerays
  2.  My Valiant Soul
  3.  Skylarity
  4.  VerseInEmotion (but he’s award free)
  5. Simple Ula
  6.  Plantsandbeyond
  7.  The Purple Almond
  8.  Roughbandit
  9.  Gustavo Lomas
  10.  Where My Soul Sleeps

Rules are: tell us 10 things about yourself.  Answer nominee’s questions.  Nominate 10 more people.  Create your set of 10 questions for nominees and notify at least one of them via comment.  Copy award image on your post.  Thank person that nominated you and give their site information.  (Remove their site and put yours) Post with https://emotionalnotions.wordpress.com/2017/09/25/liebster-award-92517/ and change the date to current if needed.


EmotionalNotions questions are:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What is important in your life?
  3. Who is your hero?
  4. Where did you grow up?
  5. What was your most humbling moment?
  6. What was your most creative idea?
  7. What was your worst job?
  8. In your fantasy, who would your be married to?
  9. What is your definition of happiness?
  10. What makes you happy at this point in life?

Thank you again Alyazya for my first blog award.

I Surrender…

During my darkest times and profound fears
in my mind feeling alone in my many tears
giving birth to an unwanted trial, it’s been such a long time
since I’ve had to endure the deepest pain of this kind

This time I know, not to fight-but surrender
You take hold of the struggle, You are the avenger
I don’t have to be weak, You are my only plan
sending legions of angels, my spiritual life in your hands

While letting go, of my prideful ego
the internal struggle, releasing my evil
God taking on my calamity, as I choose not to fight
with my heart I surrender, to your power tonight

With faith lifting my hands up in praise, as you take this burden away

I surrender, and give it to you…

Investment of Time


A few years together
and my heart not quite sure
if another few years
will do us any good

Although things are great
and you are so sweet
I’m lacking something inside
but not sure what I seek

I need time alone, a few days or a week
to visit a friend, or maybe my family
all I know is, I need time away
from my job and this house
a stress-free getaway

Upon my return, I will be re-energized
new thoughts and plans, I hope to realize
the investment of time, is not just for me
for while I’m away I’ll know how much
or how little, you cherish me




When you are feeling “empty,” a longing for something, you’re in a predicament that needs to be dealt with.  It is your sign it’s time for personal growth. Go ahead, go for it. Only you know, or will soon be lead to, what it is.

Love yourself.  Claim your next phase in life and reinvent yourself. It will bring forth contentment.



Thank you for your kindness
it is very endearing
my heart is so touched
my eyes fighting the tears they want to bring up

Somehow, you knew something was wrong
I’ve been hiding my feelings, then you came along
now a lump in my throat, my thoughts free of something toxic
and all you did, was bring me a bar of my favorite chocolate

As I graciously accept what to me you are handing
my heart does agree, we now have a soulful understanding

What I can’t fathom is, how did you guess
that for a moment in time, my mind was a mess…


Life Pressures

Ft. Lauderdale (1)I went with the flow, just to “fit in”
not sure why I didn’t take a stand
to maintain my dignity
after all I do have beliefs
now I regret what I have done
and my friends seem to think, I’m no longer fun

Never again will I give in to life pressures
I promise myself to truly measure
the consequences of my own choices
I am worthy and to myself, I will be loyal

It is so true guidance comes from within
but you must be willing to take a moment to listen…