Ego Dilemma

Hearing others and observing their ways
constant complaining and hatred in their faces
verbal vibrations sent out into the world
not knowing it comes back, to settle a score

“I was just venting”—but was it all true
not a single embellishment to impress me of you?
not putting angles on the words that you speak
that one day may return, causing your soul to be weak

Don’t create a bad past, by not dealing with the present
don’t let the sun go down without reflection
and then, follow up with a loving action

When you learn to love life
through the good and the bad
your loving response to all situations
demonstrates you have finally reached an internal greatness
you no longer cater to your worst enemy
and that is known as, the ego entity




What is it in life
that I feel so empty
accomplished, yet hollow
why is there an enemy

Someone or something, haunting inside
could the answer be, it’s just me
feeling an internal divide

Living in this world, yet alienated from another
there seems to be something, I need to discover

A spiritual moment, a well needed rest
emotions uplifted, divinity professed



Believing in someone
or things of this world
moments to treasure
like a game of truth or dare

The only problem, I now perceive
is why was it so often
I didn’t believe in me…


(This is my 100th post on this site.  Thank you to all that have spent their precious time with me.)

Inside The Temple

I enter it when I close my eyes
breathing deeply, absorbing a vibe
I see different pictures
each time I enter
they’re never the same ones
as there is an infinite sum

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Something’s telling me–be still and listen
you must learn to focus
it’s not giving up, but giving in
to your internal master
that’s trying to guide
you’re not being selfish
nor narcistic, but wise

Focus on love, not living in lies
not living in pretense, a mask of disguise
the greatness of love
you must be aware
begins with your heart
then is dispersed everywhere


Heart’s Desires

Once when angry I told a friend
“I never want to see you again”
and I went blind, I could only see in my mind

Another time while fighting, I told the person
“I never want to hear from you”
so I went deaf (and still blind too)

While being guided in the house by a loved one
I tripped slightly, got mad and pushed them away
I no longer felt that person’s hands again

Then it hit me, my epiphany-life lesson
I was given everything my evil heart desired
I just never imagined the cost it required

I awoke from a lucid dream
of negative things I said that became real
I quickly realized there was a heart change
I don’t have to Have All These Enemies, I just need to heal in me