Nature’s Medicine

The more you read, the more you know…  Sometimes that new-found knowledge can be upsetting.  Today I refer to common weeds, with some being in your own backyard.  We have been led to think they’re nothing but unwelcome dominating pests.  In reality, a lot of them have medicinal value to many common ailments, diseases.  Because … More Nature’s Medicine

Why Can’t…

Why can’t some people not carry their past into the present leave the bad attached to the person that gave them the burden, lessons are one thing, they should guide you in a different direction when someone presents you, with the haunting past once again… To generalize, based on those hurts of long ago means … More Why Can’t…

Hypothetical Life

The ups and downs of life and all, I tend to write releasing thoughts computer’s burning with the words that I fear, the paper is owner of all of my tears and I’m shaking excessively trying to hold onto my pen, as I write and try to fight, the demons of this hypothetical life but … More Hypothetical Life

Empty Dreams

Too many posted affirmations throughout the house, in hopes of confirming your future thoughts following advice to fulfill your dreams, an ongoing list that only “exists” wishful thoughts are empty attempts and lack heartfelt emotion, to give true purpose to a notion a deep desire defines the full vision, in order to grant, your internal … More Empty Dreams


  As I fulfill each creative need, I am successful in that deed the heartfelt gratitude of a realized vision is quite an encouraging force, and drives me to want to create even more isn’t it amazing what life can conjure, when you let the heart and mind wander ©   Photo:  Freeimages  

Ponder This…

If in life we are to discover our purpose and we are led to great lies in hopes to never discover truth, then is it not, the internal truth that once discovered, releases the weight and burdens of the lies we initially tried to live, or, is the burden greater due to the lies we … More Ponder This…


  The power of love releases the toxins, returning a lustrous brilliance that you once shined in the beauty, internal longing to be set free, but first you must love yourself then you will see… ©   Photo:  Freeimages