Upon your words I test your strength; I make you laugh, and always win. I give my thanks (I always do), as you restore my purpose too. This particular struggle took years to resolve; but it’s finally over, and I get to move on. © EN, All Rights Reserved Advertisements


Closed hearts, but open minds, it’s more difficult to make you cry. A touching hand, a gentle pull, illuminates your hurting soul. An opened heart, a path is cleared, by spending time in silent tears; as you begin to see the light, your godly love, was simply hiding. © EN, All Rights Reserved


I once had a thought and it led to a dream. It’s slowly unfolding; it’s destined to be © EN, All Rights Reserved


Restless days and weary nights, life’s full of pain, trapped in the mind. So many years, of life withheld, of pity parties all by one’s self. Not quite exposed to self-control, a learning feat, of time indeed. As one grows old, they let more go, the petty things, now carry wings. And then comes the … More Consciousness


Precious is the moment something makes you smile. Changing your heart’s point of view, even just awhile. © EN, All Rights Reserved


Faith is unseen hope; many blessings yet to unfold. A heart that believes… © EN All Rights Reserved


Kindness and warmth a shining light of some sort. Whispers of angelic touches, hated by evil’s darkness. You begin to comprehend; your aura’s bright and it attracts. Where some wish for you to live amongst their forlorn dark shadows; suffering along with them, yet wondering, how you escaped. © EN All Rights Reserved


You’re my only ever weakness when I feel that I am strong; as I have not one opponent, I’ve a heart, forgiving wrong. Yet when I am solely thinking, (as your words do make me weak), I am glad you’re nowhere near me, for I fear, I couldn’t speak… © EN All Rights Reserved


Through morning skies and darkest nights, I’m always thinking. Though seasons change to bloom again, life’s not always pleasing. Yet my heart sees you are in me; from dusk ’til dawn you’re in my thoughts. I’ve yet to see You, but I’m glad I feel You; and I praise, each blessed day. © EN, All … More Praise