The ups and downs of life and all, I tend to write releasing thoughts; computer’s burning with words that I fear, the paper is owner of all of my tears. I begin to shake excessively, trying to hold on to my pen. I write on, and try to fight, the demons of this hypothetical life… … More Anxiety

Poetic Notes

In my thoughts, there are answers vibrational waves, I hear as music. A soothing tune of mellow notes a familiar place, my heart calls home; words then appear from within soul, and with grace, I write my poems… © EN, All Rights Reserved


At night in my dreams we often visit, but when I wake you haven’t left yet, and I’m lost in wonderment. An elevated mind and very creative life, I try to see things for their normal abilities. But you’ve changed my point of view, and I can’t stop looking through you; and that leaves me … More Wonderment


When the soul finds rest and the human aspect hasn’t died yet, peace remains as a precious asset. Wealthy, without valuable material gains, a rushing high, without-within; can you feel the glorious presence… © EN, All Rights Reserved

Musical Notes

I’ve seen the experiments, of playing music out in a field. Where the cows roam within the electrical fence, and someone plays an instrument. They immediately detect music is near, vibrational notes attracting them all. They then gather to listen closer, to the melody of the instrument holder. Musical vibes we all must confess, makes … More Musical Notes


Occasionally, when change starts on the negative side, during the adaption stage you find, it was well worth your time… © EN, All Rights Reserved


I waited and waited a little too long, I had too much patience, did as I was taught. One day my thoughts wandered, searching on their own, and discovered so much more than I had ever known. Releasing past resentments the heart being fully cleansed, and I, could no longer harbor contempt. What was I … More Searching


You ever feel like you’re suppose to be doing something good for someone, but aren’t sure what “it” is yet? I’m there:  Lord what is it? I can’t figure it out; there’s a profound need I can’t seem to distinguish. How am I to resolve this internal feeling… © EN, All Rights Reserved

Angel’s Call

As my guardian angel watches over me, I now realize why I sometimes can’t sleep. A message, a thought, divine communication and all. The “mystery” I could not explain, many times taking my thoughts away: “Feel internally then set the heart free, and after a while, you will comprehend it is me”… © EN, All … More Angel’s Call