Feeling satisfied with material things until the newest one comes and the mind then thinks, they want the latest one or they’re not living, their greatest potential Life throws its curveball trying to reach into your soul a devastation of high magnitude, to put you in another world and teach you a lesson in gratitude … More Taken

Other Worlds

(Double Whammy-Posted on both sites) Various planets many yet to be discovered, have you ever wondered if this was due to bifurcation leading to new spiritual lessons history, having a way of repeating itself was this destruction of a spiritual loss, living and dying, trying to get it right relatively few, aware at the same … More Other Worlds

Beautiful Mind

A beautiful mind is not selfish and has a lot of love to give through hugs and kisses, a shoulder, advice or a helping hand, at just the right time A beautiful mind is not arrogant, but to thyself is true they cannot carry the world’s worries, and they have breakdowns too often, people are … More Beautiful Mind


  In the midst of a moment that calls upon your mind a recollection, or new point of view a way of letting you know sometimes, you have to consider things just a little bit differently and then, understanding accompanies… ©

Universal Sounds

Beyond the busy mind bombarded with noises that call too busy to notice the universe’s sounds a soothing lullaby nature meant for anyone a breath of fresh air just listening that there is no absolute silence in it birds in the day crickets at night owl to prey running with all its might nocturnal living … More Universal Sounds

Discovering Me

(Flashback Friday) I stepped into religion looking for my “self” and learned the fundamentals.  I stepped into a new one, and learned a bit more about spirituality-although it was still limited.  I stepped out of religion because “something” was missing. So I pondered on my own,  combining what I have learned and discovered the true … More Discovering Me

When Wisdom Speaks

As I savor quietness, or so I thought, a little too much released in deep talk my mouth not moving and I am alone yet wisdom has stories that need to be told and I, just listen… ©   Photo: Googleimages