There are those that can’t be alone
codependent on everybody in one form or another
a need to be around other people
for fear of having to deal with the self

always living with someone
if not a temporary partner, a roommate at the least
to avoid being and feeling alone
to face the past, that constantly creeps

instead of healthy reflection
trying to run from internal confrontation
so sad to know, you’re afraid of your own shadow

anxiety a common state
but, what put you in that place…

until you face that time alone
your body & mind will never feel at home



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The Battle

I’ve been invited to battle
many times over
this comes at any age
not just when you’re older

the war is as long
as you want it to be
you suffer as much
or as little, you see…

the battle is fought
by only one
the damnation
depends on your situation

if you define it
as something worth the fight
the battle is on
but it’s fought in the mind

you can decline
as often as needed
and then you will know
that it’s been initially defeated

But when its value, is a true battle
then it must be conquered
with a spirit that’s stronger

Finding yourself
at the final blow
erupting in growth
only then
may your story be told


(Fight for your right to be yourself. Keep the gift of your passion alive.)


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Low Expectations

Many people go through highs and lows
but being scared, keeps you in a low hold
internally fearful, angry and grieving
of unresolved conflicts, and questioning your being

you’ve laugh at others, and others at you
and since a child, you’ve learned what to do
trying to please others, then taking a fall
not a result you expected at all
when someone you loved
(for you) one day was not proud

how low are you, when you beat yourself up
and you have learned, not to expect much
from when you were young, the effort wholehearted
but doubt pulled you over
and molded you, to be lower and lower

this low expectation, needs resolution
you’re all grown up, and can find a solution
I give you a key, it starts from within
learn to love life, and then create change

the only one now, that gives you approval
is your higher self, for it is the true you


A Woman’s Mind

Man: I’ve had a crush on you for the longest.
Woman: Really? (Yeah right)

Man: Want to go for coffee?
Woman: Sure. (Let’s see who you really are-after a few months of just being friends)

Getting along so far:

Man:   Babe, lets put our accounts together. It will be easier and we don’t have to waste  time going to different banks.

Woman: (Hahahahahahaha, what kind of fool you think I am. Gotta keep a straight face) No, I like it the way it is.

Man: Smiles (but thinks damn, at least I tried-gotta work harder on this one).
Woman: I’ve never had a joint account, don’t believe in them. (Time to plan the breakup)

A week later:

Man: (Looking deep into her eyes) Why do you want to be with me?

Woman: (Here we go, he’s done but waiting for the fight to leave) You pursued me, remember…

They have their fight within the week. But only after she paid the bills with his money on his payday.



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The Storeroom

I have a storeroom
that’s forever replenished

somethings are new
but some are infinite

I go to this storeroom
with gratitude of treasures
the knowledge, the words
and of course intuition

sometimes discretion
is a golden key
but sometimes in life
our creativity speaks

this storeroom
never needs cleaning
although there are persons
that will attempt to
forestall your right
through its entrance

Why, you ask
because it contains gifts
from heavens above
for you to give

others will know this
and attempt to block your path
just get angry enough
and then claim your joy back


Holding On…

You can’t get over
the one thing you hold
afraid of the future
if you let it go
the unknown, uncomfortable
because you can’t see
the beautiful future
life has for thee



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Alone at home
got my fire going on
country music for tonight
notebook, pencil
and a heart of delight

My flow, in the rhythm
in a grateful state
a nice warm place
and my coffee’s made

Content and free
I give my thanks
and when I sleep
if I don’t wake

to my next world
my spirit’s place
I’ll surely leave with
a smile on my face


Stir up your creativity with these melodies…

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