Shed the hurtand the tears,shed the rancorand the fears. Even in the happy times,shedding tears can realign. The flesh is meant to live various emotional states. Sometimes it’s still, but other times it quakes, and no one can calm it until the emotion is over with; that is, if you are willing to shed and … More Cathartic


relunctant, with doubt & fear;but once in, I found courage,renewed strength & “me”   © All Rights Reserved


Sometimes, you have to reject the company you’re employed in, to  resolve the moral conflict… ©

The 11th Month

November, almost the end of the year. Some reflect on what they accomplished or fear; others ready to end relationships in order to avoid having to buy holiday presents. Engagement arrangements, families giddy, tolerance is high, and forgiveness is needed. A look into the new year, in hopes of refreshing the soul. Forgive yourself first, … More The 11th Month

The Journey

An anchored soul fixed in the head, to never fall in love again. No sleepless nights, or arguing. No thought-provoking compromising. I make my path and take it in, the beauty of life’s wonderment. I speak my peace and there it is, a kindred soul of loveliness… ©


God’s expanding my mind, removing useless thoughts of all types. Leaving a peace so indescribable, and my mind’s feeling, anything is possible. Only problem, it’s difficult to be outside, because for no reason, I just want to cry… A feeling that is so happy & intense, any reasoning, almost doesn’t make sense. But, I truly … More Glorious


Someone’s hurting to the core, resenting wasted time; feeling desperate looking into prowling eyes. Although sometimes wanting to turn their eyes away; behaving desperately, looking for someone to take the pain away. Distractions that quicken time so the suffering doesn’t seem as long. Adjusting emotions, yet not sure how to. Trying to convince the mind– … More Distraught