What Is Poetry?

It is captivating, mesmerizing, silliness in whimsy writing. It can give you an epiphany, touch your soul and reveal your dreams. Manifest its call to wake, take you through a grieving stage. The words are soft, and sometimes alluring. Your heart may hurt with its truthful dawning. To some it’s a maze, unable to comprehend. … More What Is Poetry?


The escape route of the now, can’t accept the moment I’m in so I wander with thoughts of where I’d like to be, or of whom I’d like to be with. The soaring trip of space time, that costs nothing, but uses the mind to transport us to a wonderful optional realm. ©EN 2022, All … More Daydreamer


I often get internal reminders of what I need to do. Signals in my dreams are often there too. So, today I again put to order what was gnawing at me. This whole two weeks I gradually engaged in a “nesting” opportunity. I think the crisp mornings are causing me to get ready for the … More Seasons


Let the beauty of the day greet you,  don’t complain that the sun’s rays woke you.  It’s inviting you to explore the outside today.  ©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


Nostalgia seems to have its way, each season these thoughts come to me. With aging daily, questions arise. and I realize, life’s quickly passing by. Until I reach that tender stage, the destined day that’s meant to be, I hope and pray I stay asleep and my expression confirms that I’m at peace. ©EN 2022, … More Hopeful


I look upon the stars tonight and let my thoughts go for a ride. They take me to and fro within, I question “self” and wait again. I ponder thoughts from ancient times, and wonder why I think of them. A little whisper’s chiding me; I thank the heavens’ guiding peace. ©EN 2022, All Rights … More Edify

Time Warp

As the days seem to quickly advance, I find that I’m satisfied with simplicity. Yet, I seem to long for stimulating activity. I need to get out and create more wonderful memories. Some will surprise me, others will quell my unsatiable appetite for continued learning. Yet, I can’t seem to understand my wanting to explore, … More Time Warp


I am and always will be, darkness, light and all emotions in between. I race not to extinguish my light, but have discovered that I can change its divine illumination. The higher my heart’s in bliss the brighter my aura is. Yet, darkness can’t forever steal the brightness. It graciously allows me to add love’s … More Compassion