Convoluted Path

Where am I headed to, wanting to learn something new. My heart being read each day life’s trying to figure a way, to fulfill my needs & desires, but they’re all crossing wires. Help me to pull them apart, discovering the guiding path; the others will eventually connect, once I’m done with each specific task. … More Convoluted Path


music makes the body move, and beauty, touches the soul a psychological change orchestrated in the brain, that flows from within and appears externally within a glowing smile, it’s like welcoming a newborn even quality time when spent alone… listening to your universal call and your peaceful aura attracts a few troubled souls, desiring, desperately … More Connected


How I dress, one seems to think of what I do, and how I eat for when in attire of elegance, they look at me with great respect and when I dress of simple ways I see that look (upon their face), it tells me just, how I am seen, of a lower life and … More Appearances

Puerto Rico

  The mountain peaks, covered in the clouds some opaque touches climbing down, like fog the palm trees, so elegant in height, & the mango trees, too many to enjoy the lushness, filled my view with green, lemon, lime & star fruit trees a bushy tree, with purple flowers I fell in love, with my … More Puerto Rico

Silent Prayers

  Open mind and open heart, silent prayers, reach to the source for when I wake, I get a call the heavy burden—by grace is gone an overwhelming gratefulness, upon my soul, you gave me rest the silent power, just you and I, no other hears, internal cries… ©