Energy Wave

My mind tingles with energy
when you are in my thoughts
not quite sure, what that is all about

Frequencies, finding their own way
through my conductor of energy
is my heart open today
or am I on your frequency wave…



Sound of Water

The sound of water flowing
wherever it may be
calls to my soul
inducing me to want to sleep

Mesmerizing feelings, in the day’s light
has me daydreaming, don’t wake me
let me for a while be free
my soul temporarily escaping
in this daydream

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Lovingly Regretful

I remember the day, I wanted more than just friends
you warned me if I left you, you would not let me in again
we were happy for some years, something happened, I got scared
in my mind I had to see, if there was someone else for me

So I left you, and I miss you
I know now that I was wrong
but you warned me, I regret it
how I wish you weren’t so strong

But I understand I hurt you
and I could see it ran too deep
For in my crazy world, somehow I couldn’t see

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Inside The Temple

I enter it when I close my eyes
breathing deeply, absorbing a vibe
I see different pictures
each time I enter
they’re never the same ones
as there is an infinite sum

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Something’s telling me–be still and listen
you must learn to focus
it’s not giving up, but giving in
to your internal master
that’s trying to guide
you’re not being selfish
nor narcistic, but wise

Focus on love, not living in lies
not living in pretense, a mask of disguise
the greatness of love
you must be aware
begins with your heart
then is dispersed everywhere