Caramel Coated

The sweetness was so tender. 
Until it was no more. 
Time licked away 
and peeled to the core 
what was hidden from sight. 

Yet I desperately grasped onto mine. 
I couldn’t shed the tears 
as the sugar caramelized. 

I had to add the butter; 
the fatness of life, 
the pureness that has come to heart, 
the golden lessons, matured appreciation 
and current validation
of whom I have become. 

Grateful, I catch myself before I am burnt. 
Left to separate, gather and empty just at the right time. 

Not caked in bitterness, 
to slowly be ignored. 

Easily forgotten, due to the blackness 
of the heart. 

Stuck, caked and burnt into the vessel 
that can’t be chipped away. 
Avoided, as if no longer wanted. 

By relying on the natural sweetness; 
the survival instincts, 
for those that are the blend of caramels. 
The sweetness of self-respect mixed with intellect. 
The knowing of when it’s done. 

And what else is contained in it? 
The diversity and discovery of genuine love… 

©EN 2023, All Rights Reserved


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