Hmmm, there’s a lightness in the air, 
nostalgic moments were brought up. 
The longing to find you, 
was not a stroke of luck. 

Our youthful silliness, 
causing giggles and lovely imageries 
as we shared truthful thoughts 
of our old time memories. 

Some things that were not known 
until our four-plus decades’ conversation. 
How sweet those words were, 
all giving me a release 
of a newfound elated sense of energy. 

What a wonderful delight it was 
to have all those old memories back in my life. 
Our little group; 
our caring, social circle. 

True friendship 
that time had temporarily swept away. 
Each to attend to all the changes 
that life of growing up 
threw our way. 

Jewels of new memories 
I gather as cherished gems. 
Hoping a lifetime 
we have left to remain 
as caringly, precious, 
and spiritual friends. 

Hopefully together, 
we will eventually 
find the rest… 

©EN 2023, All Rights Reserved


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