Ahhh, the dark hours of the night. 
The background setting 
for the illumination of the galaxies 
as the stars, moon, and planets 
twinkle and shine with delight.  
It’s all such a wonderful design.  

Oh no! The dark night of the soul.  
Those times when we feel 
we could never survive, 
the ghastly bitterness of life 
as we dare to take faithful steps and climb.  

But it too, has to be thought of 
as an essential scenery; 
as we await the unknown outcome, 
and the blessings that are meant to be.  
Blissfully grateful, once we get to reflect.  

The claim of hopefulness 
opens the window against the darkness, 
and then you are guided, 
by that initial tiny visible light, 
that seems to strengthen its brightness 
the closer we get.  

The one, that will eternally be there to shine 
when we just take the time to search for it.  

©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


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