I Remember…

I remember my childhood days 
when candy was only 
a penny or nickel, 
and any money given to me 
was spent on as many 
candies as treats. 

I remember the days 
when I would dance 
alone in my room, 
so no one could see 
the love of dance 
was rooted in me. 

I remember the days 
I used to twirl my baton. 
I saw one person do it 
and thought “oh how fun.” 
I would listen to music 
and learned to twirl on my own. 
No formal training, 
it was all just self-taught. 

I remember my childhood 
so freeing and warm. 
I often evoke 
those innocent charms. 

I sometimes can’t help but to rhyme, 
since the magic of poetry 
has entered my life. 

©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


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