Julien Tromeur Unsplash Photos

Whew, the burn. 
Bending while making the bed. 
Why did I have to 
make sure the cover was so straight? 

A few days of tense back pain 
as pinched nerves pull, 
and the surrounding area 
severely burns. 

Desperate to relieve the hobbling pain,
I medicate with a pill
my stomach tends to reject.

Time to re-evaluate and what I need to realize,
the reality of my life 
occasionally plays with my time. 

I again take an oath 
to work out weekly. 
To keep those muscles strong and tight, 
or else, I’m just fooling myself 
that all is alright. 

The burn reaches out 
in more ways than one. 
The physical body 
and of the mind… 

©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


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