How to Forgive

Green Poetry2

While reading through comments on a YouTube video, I came across the question “How does one forgive?” They heard many times forgive situations but did not know how to, especially dealing with an evil person (sounded highly narcissistic to me).

My version of forgiveness for those that no longer want to deal with the person’s ways:

Forgiveness means to me,
no longer hold onto
the hurt they have caused.

Release it out of your body
and into the world.

Wish them well and mean it too.
Release the spell they had on you.

No longer a victim,
their power is gone.
You were naively weak,
but will become peacefully strong.

While they still breathe,
let them live in your peace.
By releasing the dangerous energy
they put into your being.

Separate yourself,
don’t let them anger your soul
where misery once lived
while you obliviously let them control.

Take back your power
to think, do, and create.
Take time to find yourself,
extend a lot self-love
and allow yourself to slowly recuperate.

Discover who you now long to be,
without their essence lingering.

Forgive, wish them well in your heart
and let their future struggling last breaths be in peace.

Give it all to God. Your soul be will rewarded during your self-discovery and enlightened for the rest of your forgiving days.

How would I know, after forgiving—I now write poems.

©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved

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