The Secret Unfolding…

Blue Poetry

The walls life created that I once considered my safe zone,
I now realize were built to keep me down. 

A higher power is now guiding me; 
I have easily climbed over the walls…
the walls of deceit given to me. 

There’s another world beyond the standard zone; 
and when you break through the paradigm
it’s due to the fact that you’re not alone.

The conscious and subconscious, programmed to think
in patterns of life, not created by me.
Now fully aware, that life for me was not as intended; 
a peace enters in and God’s power begins. 

I now know the value of my life on this earth. 
I have left the old ways, in my mind—a rebirth. 

No wasting time on media’s mass planning. 
It’s time to “unlearn” the mass-vibe programming. 

Subconscious planting of habits as taught, 
now consciously choosing to clear out those old thoughts. 
Renewing and growing now by God’s will, not man’s. 
Accepting the knowledge, that is now in my hands. 

Emotional wealth & creativity, an endless flow; 
as past evil deceptions have been overthrown.

©EN, All Rights Reserved



7 thoughts on “The Secret Unfolding…

  1. Beautiful poetry, would you like to collaborate on a poem together? If so, my email is on this blog’s connect page. 🔶️🙏🏻


      1. Ah, I understand, you’re welcome to email me and we can work on something together. 🔶️🙏🏻


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