The Big “C”


Two people I know were lost to cancer in the past two days.
I can’t escape a full year without
someone I know either being diagnosed with it,
or dying from it.

There’s an unsettling feeling, yet a peace as well.
Unsettling for those that are about to face
the option of quality vs. quantity of life.  A peace knowing
there’s no more suffering when they are gone.

It is said you have 1%-3% chance with treatment
to live beyond five years.

Let’s review that: 97-99% chance of dying
within five years with treatment.
Then the daily fear of its possible return.

The person that died yesterday
had treated (and was clear)
for breast cancer. She died from cancer
elsewhere in her body.

I have noticed that treatment
seems to spread cancer to
other parts of the body
with a vengeance. This is easily
observed within my family and friends
that have unfortunately experienced it.

Soon I will lose another family member to cancer.
He was told “there is nothing else we can do
for you,” hospice is the next step. Yet, doctor
appointments are being made (to steal from
the insurance…? Cha-ching) and he’s expected to
keep taking those (wonderful) chemo pills
until he dies. Those pills sent him downward
really quickly once he started taking them. Yet, he doesn’t
see it, even though the cancer has spread to various
parts of his body. Predicted time left, less than a year.

Hope in treatment can be quite deceiving.
After all, it is 1%-3% chance of living more than five years.
In the interim, your body, mind and spirit suffer the
side effects.

Yes, I’m upset with the reality of false hopes
that seem to expedite the demise, causing extra
suffering as I watch many slowly die.  Quality vs. Quantity.  
Hum, (self-reminder) read between the lines when choosing. 

I am aware of only one (close) friend that did not receive
treatment beyond her surgery to remove the cancer.
She is doing well 17 yrs later, and no “C” misery in between.

I can only ponder, what is the percentage without extra treatment?

©2021,EN, All Rights Reserved

5 thoughts on “The Big “C”

  1. I also ponder the treatments for cancer. It seems to me that chemo and radiation cause many problems themselves and really don’t prolong the life of a patient any longer than what they would have had without it. Plus, their body then would not have been so weak and their life so tormented. I do believe that doctors and big pharm run up these costs on patients as far as they can.


    1. That has been obvious to me for many years now. People don’t ask enough questions and seem to fall into the trap of desperation and fear. I had a friend that did the double mastectomy and was told she would not get cancer again. Some years later, there it was on another part of her body. And “it’s not suppose to happen” is what was said.

      Thank you for commenting. I’m beginning to get a touch bitter knowing a family member will be next. It’s almost like dr’s. are calling each other up and asking him to come in so they can exam his situation. Well, it’s the same-not much time left. So why three more appts?????

      Have a blessed day Bev. Thank you.


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