Winter Whispers


A cold winter’s night
feeling cozy and bright,
as the fireplace warms
while the logs burn their charm.

Later on, off to sleep,
in a slightly chilled room,
that time between midnight
and the 3 a.m. loom.

Upon waking early
(not quite fully light out),
the snow whispered softly
and left us all, snowbound.

The majestic beauty
of the wintry scene,
the trees coated white
and man-it was deep.

Today will be special
an unplanned vacation;
a day to make snowmen
and maybe snow angels.

Hot chocolate and cookies
reminders of winter,
when as a kid,
the snow made life sweeter.

There will be no work or school today,
as snow-covered roads aren’t very safe.

A nice home-cooked meal
both hearty and good,
after removing that snow,
and fetching more wood.

One more fire
will be made with delight,
yet hoping the snow,
doesn’t whisper tonight…

© 2017,EN, All Rights Reserved

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