Colorful Fall – Seasonal Post

autumn autumn mood colorful edge of the woods
Photo by Pixabay on

The ending of summer, as nature displays
the red and gold leaves, changing in stages. 
The strong windy days, knocking leaves off the branches,
leaving big gaps, and exposing the nests in them.

The cool early mornings and somewhat warm days, 
eventually leading to, cold bitter nights. 
The last chance for camping, with bonfires to keep warm;
and placing toasted marshmallows 
between graham crackers and chocolate bars.

Fishing the rivers, while wildflowers fade by the banks,
where they once overhung, creating some shade.  
(That’s where the fish would hide on hot summer days; 
protecting their bodies, from the heat of the sun’s rays.)

Though the fall’s vivid colors are visually beautiful,
some people get SAD, which is understandable. 
For not long behind, are the northern artic blasts, 
to the cold winter days, that too long, seem to last…

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