Renter’s Dream (?)


A walk, a drive
a view of homes;
not worth the risk
of taking loan.

Appreciating where I am;
although I don’t
own home or land.

From what I’ve seen
(great neighborhood);
expensive diamonds
much too rough.

New schools, old streets
and no upkeep.
(Assessments yet
to come I see.)

The outcome-obviously quite clear;
no money pit, for me this year.

© EN, All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Renter’s Dream (?)

  1. See this happening a lot over the years. The economay still quite unstable, and it’s best to just keep in the same place.
    My roommate and I are holding off for at least another year and half until we skedaddle out of NJ. It’s entirely too expensive to live here.
    Great piece!!!


  2. A bigger house a nicer car a dream I could do without. A smaller place for him and me a quite life a breeze I see. No fancy home just a cozy place for us to live out our retirement days. A little travel to see parts of the world we couldn’t see had we focused on the the bigger when small and simple is soul satisfying.


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