(Short Story)

A friend asks, “what you doing today?” I state taking a quiet walk by the river
to get regenerated; find my way.

She wants to know what I’m taking with me, head phones, following an app of some sort…ย  I tell her it will just be me and nature-no distractions.

She considers the solitude too boring. I tell her there’s magic in it. She giggles and we stop texting:

I go for my walk, it lasts an hour.
The scenery is so serene,
and I gain a well-needed peace.

I feel a sense of gratitude that I’m not with my friend.
For she would have talked of trivial things;
and I wouldn’t enjoy the natural surroundings,
viewing and listening to what is in abundance.

I receive my fill, I then go home.
I give my thanks-I am restored.
Where is the magic? I grin alone.
The viable serenity, so lost to this world.

ยฉ EN All Rights Reserved


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