How I dress, one seems to think
of what I do, and how I eat

for when in attire
of elegance,
they look at me
with great respect

and when I dress
of simple ways
I see that look (upon their face),
it tells me just,
how I am seen,
of a lower life
and simple being

until I speak, we conversate,
with depth of soul
and profoundness,

in time one learns
to be yourself,
in my case, simple is my best

so look upon me, how you may,
of what I do and where I stay,

primitive skills, a richness dwells
in natural things, I read them well

thou thinkest “poor,” and my eyes gleam,
I trust in One, my joy is seen

I just waste less, of what you spend
my debts are paid, and wisdom-weighed…



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