beach footprints fi

Born with a natural electronic field,
grounded to the earth’s limitless yield

magnetic, in many ways
both as a human and natural in cells

growing up and losing ground
taught of ups and downs,
leading the way-cryptic teachings,
causing the mind
to lose some of its natural being

to one day grow up and find
I can return, at any time,
I get grounded, plant my feet on the earth,
reset my electrons, from the grounded dirt

free radicals have gone haywire
creating autoimmune disorders,
but I’ve read, and I have learned
just plant your feet on God’s good earth

in a chemically-free safe place
and a peaceful environment,
my own backyard, a natural entitlement

feeling the sun in a relaxed state
getting my vitamin, penetrating my skin
not too long, cover it after a while,
a breath of fresh air
leaving me spiritually smiling

a good night’s sleep,
mind is clearer, and body is better,
yet all I did, was regenerate in nature

grounded in life, earthing-nature’s medicine
go ahead, put your feet in the dirt, ocean or sand,
then keep a log, your personal scientific experiment,
just to detect, if there are any health improvements



Photo: Freebingimages

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