I See Colors (2)

I have been asked how my “learning to paint” was going, so I’m going to humbly share some of my attempts.  I can see improvement (you don’t get to see the fails, lol), and I would definitely tell anyone to at least try it.

I went the inexpensive route to start with (just in case I hated it).

  • started with small all media paper 5″ x 7″
  • small paint tube set for $5.00 acrylic (there are oil & watercolors too)
  • added .50¢ bottles of paint as confidence built (Walmart)
  • a few sets of decent brushes small packs (for detailing), and general sized brushes
  • a 3 pk of canvas boards 8″ x 10″ ($2.97 Walmart)
  • a 9″ x 12″ canvas paper (I think $3.97-15 sheets)
  • had access to a bunch of shiny white paper (back of posters from a theater)
  • and other small accessories, but I use a paper plate as the palette for mixing colors

I didn’t expect much at first,  but am definitely improving, so that turned into getting excited to paint now.

I tried one Bob Ross lesson on shiny paper & canvas.  The shiny paper turned out better, even though I couldn’t “blend” the colors well.  I don’t have a hang of blending,  pulling and swiping to make the mirror effect in water yet.  My paint turns to blobs (so do the clouds).  I have yet to have a decent attempt-have to figure that out…adding water isn’t doing it.  I also did the nice tree, small mountains with grass and the gray picture with red flowers on tree off a YouTube beginner class.  The rest was done in hopes of transferring what I saw in my head to paper/canvas, (yeah..).

Oh well, life goes on!  If you have a hyper mind or a lot of stress, painting definitely soothes the mind and relaxes the body as well.  I understand why people in pain tend to paint.

Have a great day!  I am.


14 thoughts on “I See Colors (2)

  1. I like your enthusiasm. I like the paintings… I used to paint once but it’s been long. You just reminded me of good old days. Then I started sketching. But now none of it. Maybe I wl again try my hand at it… 👍👍🖖


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