Sunshine Nomination

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I was graciously honored the Sunshine Award by the lovely Yazzeus.  She is an amazing writer and has been mentioned in the Khaleej Times.  Check her out here at

I’m going to sidestep the official rules, because the nominees for previous awards have not participated, but I will gladly answer Yazzeus’ 11 questions:

Here are her questions:

  1. When it comes to money, would you save and spend and why?

You have to balance your funds without being too frugal.  Spend a little on memories (travel, entertainment, socializing) but save for future dreams, emergencies and financial comfort.

2. Which of your hobbies or interests are hardest to keep up with?

I’m learning to paint, but the brush strokes can be tricky-therefore altering your original plan.  Trial & error and lots of patience.

3.  Do you believe that motivation or discipline is more important and why?

For me, motivation goes hand-in-hand with discipline.  Efficiency is a time-saver.

      4.  In education institutions, there’s a divide between those who prefer traditional
           books and technology. Where do you stand?

Technology is not always dependable, so give me the books.  I like the smell of the paper and sound of the pages turning too.

   5.  Wherever you are, what do you like or dislike about the education system?

It’s too limited and censored.  You can learn more on your own in many fields if you have the drive, but won’t get the degree.  (This does not include highly specialized careers.)

  6. Recollect a moment in time where you were feeling the exact opposite of what your
       surroundings. Describe it.

When I quit my job, the last few steps walking out the building.  I knew I no longer belonged there.  I should have been sad and depressed, but life had something special for me and I was elated.

  7.  Focusing on one inanimate object you hold close, create a short story that describes an aspect of    who you are.

Um, I bought my dad a piece of artwork for his room, because it had a vintage car in the painting, as well as a house with a big porch-things he always enjoyed.  My short story:  I like to see a dear one smile…

  8.  If you can give your followers one every day tip that can make the slightest
       difference in the best way, what would it be?

Love yourself, so you can fully live life by making correct decisions for You.

  9.  What traits capture your attention the most?

Eyes, voice and smile.

10. How much privacy do you think parents should give their children before they
      become adults and why?

More when younger, less when older.  To be fair, it also depends on the maturity of the young adult, because a teenage mind can sometimes be very selfish and not judge consequences well.

11. What’s your favorite past midnight activity?

Watching a little TV so I can fall  asleep faster.  I put the timer on so it turns itself off.

Thank you for the honor Yazzeus and keep up the good work!


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11 thoughts on “Sunshine Nomination

  1. Education really is too limited. We learn better and faster when we want to be able to do something. All of your answers are so good! I love learning more about you.


    1. Thank you Rishu. I see the formatting is off, but I copied and pasted. Looks correct in the edit page, but not in true post.

      On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 9:50 AM, EmotionalNotions wrote:

      > rishhuu commented: “Loved the 6th point! ” >


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