materialistic 2

Feeling satisfied with material things
until the newest one comes
and the mind then thinks,
they want the latest one
or they’re not living, their greatest potential

Life throws its curveball
trying to reach into your soul
a devastation of high magnitude,
to put you in another world
and teach you a lesson in gratitude

once making fun of those that didn’t have,
they now welcome you into their heart’s land
of not having much, but totally grateful
a whole new world
and you’re feeling disabled

a wake up call, a reset in life
as the long days and months go by,
wondering what will life now bring
when there’s nothing you can seem to reach

no buildings to work in
stores carry a limited grocery supply
clean running water doesn’t exist
the rain supplies the limited bit

electrical flow, sits on the ground
wiped out by the winds,
that used to reach all

yet, how is it the children
can still run outside, smile and play,
I think god is talking to your heart today

Wealth comes not from what
and how much you have,
but the happiness of the heart
it took a material collapse,
to open your eyes and make you understand



Photo;  Googleimages


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