The Table

elegant dining fi2

At this table
everyone is welcome

but many
will not allow their presence

you see,
to dine here
you must give
what is required
in order to eat

for some, it comes easily
for others, not so

as they hold on
too long to the bitterness
or is it pride…

also served at this table,
is peace, relief, happiness
and thirst is quenched
all, in an abundance

many come with a form of pain,
fear, humility, anger
and some with regrets
of the past memories

no one feels worthy
at the glorious presence
of the great host
that welcomes them at the entrance

but today the requirement to enter
is heartfelt forgiveness
there’s no judgement here
for you alone, have already applied it

what can’t be escaped
are the residual effects
that for some, cannot be easily forgotten
and will be attended to
prior to each individual’s serving

the table that celebrates
with wisdom and a feast
for forgiving from the heart

the next step in life, being blessed
for passing, this most difficult task
and quite certain is the gracious host,
to encounter your presence once again

but next time, it won’t take
a prolonged decision
as this is just, your initial visit


Photo: Freeimages

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