Low Expectations

Many people go through highs and lows
but being scared, keeps you in a low hold
internally fearful, angry and grieving
of unresolved conflicts, and questioning your being

you’ve laugh at others, and others at you
and since a child, you’ve learned what to do
trying to please others, then taking a fall
not a result you expected at all
when someone you loved
(for you) one day was not proud

how low are you, when you beat yourself up
and you have learned, not to expect much
from when you were young, the effort wholehearted
but doubt pulled you over
and molded you, to be lower and lower

this low expectation, needs resolution
you’re all grown up, and can find a solution
I give you a key, it starts from within
learn to love life, and then create change

the only one now, that gives you approval
is your higher self, for it is the true you



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