A Woman’s Mind

Man: I’ve had a crush on you for the longest.
Woman: Really? (Yeah right)

Man: Want to go for coffee?
Woman: Sure. (Let’s see who you really are-after a few months of just being friends)

Getting along so far:

Man:   Babe, lets put our accounts together. It will be easier and we don’t have to waste  time going to different banks.

Woman: (Hahahahahahaha, what kind of fool you think I am. Gotta keep a straight face) No, I like it the way it is.

Man: Smiles (but thinks damn, at least I tried-gotta work harder on this one).
Woman: I’ve never had a joint account, don’t believe in them. (Time to plan the breakup)

A week later:

Man: (Looking deep into her eyes) Why do you want to be with me?

Woman: (Here we go, he’s done but waiting for the fight to leave) You pursued me, remember…

They have their fight within the week. But only after she paid the bills with his money on his payday.



(Not sure why a few posts don’t make it to the reader, so I republish after unusually low results.)

Photo:  bingfreeimages




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