Lovingly Regretful

I remember the day, I wanted more than just friends
you warned me if I left you, you would not let me in again
we were happy for some years, something happened, I got scared
in my mind I had to see, if there was someone else for me

So I left you, and I miss you
I know now that I was wrong
but you warned me, I regret it
how I wish you weren’t so strong

But I understand I hurt you
and I could see it ran too deep
For in my crazy world, somehow I couldn’t see

Now there’s not a day that passes by
that I don’t think of you
yet I can’t explain why, I felt compelled to leave you
I wish you could forgive me, how could I be so wrong
together we had good times, we really got along

I expected you to read my mind, yet we had never talked
I could not articulate my feelings, I felt I had to walk

Now when I see you, all those feelings wake inside
If only, I could have a chance, to get you back again
you did nothing, to cause me to break up at all
I just have to say, I had to have my way, it was not your fault

I’m so sorry that I hurt, I made a big mistake
and I wonder who is with you, hope they’re much better in my place

If he keeps you safe and loves you, then I can’t complain
there are things I’d like to tell you, but it isn’t worth more pain

You’re the love I can’t seem to replace
to this day, I regret my big mistake



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