Dollars For Time

Not enough hours in the day
having to work into the night
you have to “seal the deal”
exchanging the dollar for your personal life

A loved one at home, alone once again
internally lonely, not just wanting friends

Cheating’s an option, just empty in love
fulfilling the loneliness, is just not enough

Within time, expressing a warning
limit your hours or we’ll be divorcing

Not wanting to change
due to pride and control
you find yourself no longer working
no home and alone

Your mental capacity, now at its worse
feeling betrayed, so lost and cursed
depressed and slowly losing everything
after devoting so much time and energy

Now with infinite time to reflect
you understand why your ex had left

You recover, reinvent yourself and become a perfect catch
just for another person—too bad it’s not for the love of the past
for they have moved on, without any regret
when your love for the money, caused this whole mess



4 thoughts on “Dollars For Time

  1. Deeply introspective, EN. Sometimes those paths which on hindsight may seem to have been mistakes, have to be tread for an individual’s growth to happen….and if a conscious progress happens, then the regrets should slowly be released, for this conscious growth would not have happened, had the situation remained the same.

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