No Need to Be Perfect

Don’t use a fake line
just to connect with me
I find it mature, if you approach with more dignity
a simple “hi” and then your name
is more appealing than those old games

And if you are shy, that’s even cuter
I don’t have a “pass the test” meter

Just be yourself, no need to be perfect
let me see who you are
I hope for a man with respect
if we get along, just from this moment
we will meet again, and let the friendship be open

Maybe with time, we both can decide
if we should continue, or we should cut ties
sometimes relationships lead to great friends
and if that’s the case, I’ll be glad we began





6 thoughts on “No Need to Be Perfect

  1. This is on point! I also have the same mindset towards relationships and with this perspective, I believe it is a healthy way to make friendships as well as keeping the door open for the possibility for something more. Well said.


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