That Good Old High School Dance

I remember in high school, there was a dance
I was shy but excited, to hang with my friends

My dance partner back then, oh yeah, we did the Hustle
and the garland came down, with my hand high in a shuffle
a small crowd gathered, and to my surprise
the shy girl who was dancing, was being idolized

It was so much fun, and still is to me
I will always love dancing, it sets my soul free



Wall Love Builds

Here I sit by myself
contemplating love or health

A temporary state of mind
or a game ending with time
I’m not bitter, I’m just tired
love dragged into a furnace, a fire

For right now, I can’t see
beyond this wall I built for me
to be all by myself
I just can’t love anyone else

Once too hurt, heart overwhelmed
I picked it up all by myself
love wholly blinded it left me
cause another love, I just can’t see

Looking beyond into the future
will this veil leave me clueless
I don’t want to know
because I don’t want to go

But one day I will hear a voice
it will call and I’ll have no choice
then my heart will give in
the wall will fall and love will rule again



The Secret Unfolding…


The walls life created that I once considered my safe zone
I now realize were built to keep me down

A higher power is now guiding me
I have easily climbed over the walls
the walls of deceit given to me

There’s another world beyond the standard zone
and when you break through the paradigm
it’s due to the fact that you’re not alone

The conscious and subconscious, programmed to think
in patterns of life, not created by me
now fully aware, that life for me was not as intended
a peace enters in and God’s power begins

I now know the value of my life on this earth
I have left the old ways, in my mind—a rebirth

No wasting time on media’s mass planning
It’s time to “unlearn,” the mass-vibe programming

Subconscious planting of habits as taught
now consciously choosing to clear out those old thoughts
renewing and growing now by God’s will, not man’s
accepting the knowledge, that is now in my hands

Emotional wealth & creativity, an endless flow
as past evil deceptions have been overthrown


Star Dust


The sound of the crickets
and a dog barking from afar
the sun due to settle
in less than an hour

The sky oh so beautiful
can’t help but to gaze
the stars soon to appear
so will the moon and its face

The star-dust, as it falls
onto the earth, giving life in its matter
from the Milky Way and beyond
to a universal force, we all beautifully, respond

The human generation
for we are all one
God’s work, so intricate, is never done

Civilizations come and go
self-destruction, who’s to blame
as we play the game of a dream state of mind
making one wonder where is the afterlife…

Heaven on earth a continuum, or a rewind
sent from on high to live a new realm
that descends as it’s summoned from beyond-the I AM



Always With You

I was there for your every moment in life
from conception and to this day
through all your accomplishments, small or great

The many hurts and every phase
you made me laugh, cry and
humbled my heart at times

I let you do what you wanted
I even warned you at times
but would not, for you, make up your mind

Your free will, is your learning experiences
but the outcome, public or not, I never missed

I will always be there, no matter where you are
my love for you is never too far

I know that one day, you will come home
until then, I lovingly watch you, from here on my throne


Power in God

Too much time on my hands
I dedicate some to learning
reading and writing, creating a yearning
by mistake, I come across a whole new field
better said, history of a higher knowledge repeating itself

Man cannot hide what the universe has to offer
an awakening of masses in past decades still coming forth
each person given a taste, creating hindsight
to connect the experiences of not knowing how or why

An idea euphoric back in the day
but not giving light to the thought your mind had displayed
finally years later, time to address the same issue
the timing now right, maturity present

An understanding, now given to heart
not sure why or how to start
the answers come flowing in presence of mind
the actions to take, you now give in stride

Epigenetics – Life above the genes
no more predisposition thoughts taking place

The whole body controllable from deep in the soul
the true connection to God, when did we let go…


Emotional Stages…

Struggle – The opportunity to get it right the next time

Worry – A wasted emotion & energy that will make you age early

Hurting – The path to a river of tears to purify the soul

Pain – The epitome of future strength, when you let it go

Release – The soul letting go of past suffering to freedom

Lessons – Once learned, are the forks in the road to tempt you again

Peace – The maturing wisdom that you had to learn to embrace

Spiritual – When all the above have filtered down to internal awareness and a better understanding of life

Bliss – A gift that exudes wisdom & balance when true awareness has been revealed