Don’t Ask Me To Promise…

You ask me to keep a promise. To me it depends on the type.  If for a shower, a date of engagement, with these kind I am fine.

If your request has a dark side, an event that someone will hurt, I will not accept your request. I will not stay in an infinite alert. Do not even ask me, if this promise will haunt me in life. Because if it does, one day I must release this invisible knife. I will not keep a promise, that between you and me, may cause a divorce, or is not of the same family tree. For those that are cheating, don’t let me in. I don’t want to know that you’re caught up in a whim.

Don’t ask me to promise, if what you truly seek, is to use me to open your world of deceit. Don’t be a coward, your mind running and hiding the truth. If freedom you need from the secret you keep, the price you may pay will eventually catch up with you.



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