That Look That You Gave Me

If looks could kill you:

I would have died several times. High egos & insecure people by nature have to be the attention receivers. Don’t roll your eyes when you see me.  People are naturally attracted to me because I’m not pretentious.

If that look would make me your lover:

The lust in your eyes, and you just met me, tells me your relationship can easily be distracted. I’m not the kind to let you put another notch on your belt, but I’m quite sure another woman would.

The look you just gave me:

I haven’t seen you in a while and you looked at me from top to bottom. Please don’t feel insecure and compare my body to yours. We are both beautiful and we are not competing. Just love who you are—what you see in me is peace, self-confidence and grace.  Your beauty is then enhanced and it shows in your face.

The look turned into a stare:

Why do you stare at me? As if you are trying to read my past life. That is a little eerie and annoying. Please just ask questions. I’m no mystery. Maybe I’ll share a few of my memories.

The look of surprise:

What have you done? I hope what ever it was will not hurt anyone. Don’t look at me now because I will have to discreetly be looking for clues to know how I may have to react to you.

Whether envy, lust, insecurity, mystery or surprise, the emotional look-once it’s given-will be impossible to disguise.



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