I Can’t Fall In Love Again…

A wonderful emotion creeping into my being
in a state of delusion, and my mind blindly leading
yearning for a form of contact to brighten my day
yet a not too distant reminder, it may not always be this way

I can’t fall in love again, we are better off friends
the oh-so-common future, may hold lack of respect
eventually fighting and hate there could be
if one day the illusion reveals the true person from what I see

In this case, I sacrifice my feelings
in hopes to remain your confidant
always looking forward to the few calls, or gatherings
where we have good times with all of the friends

My instinct warning me to closely listen
with friendship respect, I look forward to our meeting again



Better Alone…

Why am I with you, but feel so alone
when you walk in the door, is the feeling so strong
that’s when I have to face, our reality
if things don’t change, you need you to leave

How do I know this? When you’re gone I’m at peace
no worries of fighting, my love has decreased
so much mental abuse, I’m better off on my own
can’t you tell by my strength, how much I have grown

We used to be happy, together were free
but due to your pride, we may no longer be



Struggle’s Reward

Cleared Mind

Through all the struggles and bursted bubbles
I love myself even more
I found a strength, a vulnerability
new possibilities and a plethora of opportunities
for each struggle, when I walked through its door

Beyond the clouded walls, of once believed forbidden zones
I found a new person and made her my own
aware of my being, an internal peace
That person—the new me, is spiritually free




When I enter into those hopeless moments
I can not let them reside very long
society and toxic relationships
the negative feelings
just a little too strong

I take a deep breath, as I close my eyes
to create my own world
of beautiful visions and all the good times

My spirit then moves those hopeless lies
from within my heart and my conscious mind


Non-Sleeping Soul — ReconnectedMind

Sometimes while napping on a slightly conscious state I feel myself awakening and my body’s heavy weight I can’t seem to move aware of all that’s around me why can’t I seem to wake up my physical body Internal attempts to call out to touch me so I can wake up, this is quite frightening […]

via Non-Sleeping Soul — ReconnectedMind

Releasing the Pain

Emotional pain can be difficult to fully process
the ups and downs, the identity crisis
but there are times a beauty of life exists
and in the morning, resulting in a magnificent bliss

It shows up while I sleep
an emotional leap
I can’t explain where it came from
the barrier that I have overcome

A newfound strength
and all the pain disappeared
It’s happened more than once
that somehow there’s no more barrier

No more will I cry
as life peeled the last layer
that has scarred me inside
a universal savior

Somehow I let go
released to live the beauty of my soul
by some miracle when I woke up
there was a bountiful peace, which I refuse to give up

I’ve been renewed while asleep
my spirit knew I was no longer weak
the internal pain that causes depression
has surrendered to a more powerful dimension