Better Alone…

Why am I with you, but feel so alone when you walk in the door, is the feeling so strong that’s when I have to face, our reality if things don’t change, you need to leave How do I know this? When you’re gone I’m at peace no worries of fighting, my love has decreased … More Better Alone…

Struggle’s Reward

Through all the struggles and bursted bubbles I love myself even more I found a strength, a vulnerability new possibilities and a plethora of opportunities for each struggle, when I walked through its door Beyond the clouded walls, of once believed forbidden zones I found a new person and made her my own aware of … More Struggle’s Reward


When I enter into those hopeless moments I can not let them reside very long society and toxic relationships the negative feelings just a little too strong I take a deep breath, as I close my eyes to create my own world of beautiful visions and all the good times My spirit then moves those … More Hopelessness

Releasing the Pain

Emotional pain can be difficult to fully process the ups and downs, the identity crisis but there are times a beauty of life exists and in the morning, resulting in a magnificent bliss It shows up while I sleep an emotional leap I can’t explain where it came from the barrier that I have overcome … More Releasing the Pain