Did you know you have the power to get out of your depression (deep-rest)?  Believe in yourself-it’s the best form of mindful regeneration.  Confront the thoughts that put you there When you forgive the past, your mind begins to repair Then let your soul weep, and your spirit retreats To the state it belongs, as … More Depression


  Late in the spring the warm air begins Here comes the summer with warm weather trends The smell of the grilling, the beauty of flowers The trips to the parks, the star-gazing hours The fishing, the traveling, the festivals too The countryside drives, that leave you renewed The jazz in the parks, the parades, … More Summer


We are born with sin, that is what is taught we must also know then, to forgive & move on if we live with the emotions of not forgiving someone’s soul the real person not freely living, is You who is not whole When a person asks forgiveness, and you use this as a pawn … More Forgiveness