Father vs. Dad

In my house & culture, the perception of a “father” was-the alpha who provided for his children with pride.  He was a bit too strict and rather boring. His roar intimidating, therefore the kids lacked confidence in him. No hugs were given, there was lack of encouragement because he didn’t participate in our activities-mom always did.

On the other hand, a “dad” provided and is-glad to participate in his children’s activities, shows lots of love, yet disciplines, supports their ambitions and eases them through their discovery phases.

A dad is one you can confide in without being afraid, maybe nervous, but know he will be fair. He will give you hugs and lets you know he cares. He grounds you when needed, keeping you focused. He expects your best without harsh judgement, because a dad knows his child well.

So to all the wonderful “dads” out there Happy Daddy’s Day.


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