Being Lonely


Why do people say they’re lonely
Especially with age
When you watch that their habits
Don’t seem to want to change
You hear they have their routines
To get them out the house
But when they get invited
They still turn it down

You try over and over to get them to join you
But excuses begin and you feel you can’t win
“Life is so boring” is what they will say
Yet I’m getting fed up, and I’m feeling betrayed

Well if that’s what you want, to limit your life
Don’t tell me your stories, complaints and your strife
You must learn to make changes, adapt to new ways
This is reality, you can enjoy and engage

Embrace the discomforts of making new friends
Don’t shut out the process, it’s always a win
You have to remember, there are many like you
So worried or anxious, to start something new

With time you’ll discover, life’s busy again
You’ll enjoy the company, of all the new friends
You may play cards, go shopping, or the beach for a walk
At least you will have someone, to have a long talk

So get it together, stop being a bore
And renew your social circle, which has been so ignored
Look in the mirror, the problem you knew
The one stopping the future, was only you



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