Ft. Lauderdale
Clearing The Mind

Did you know you have the power to get out of your depression (deep-rest)?  Believe in yourself-it’s the best form of mindful regeneration. 

Confront the thoughts that put you there
When you forgive the past, your mind begins to repair
Then let your soul weep, and your spirit retreats
To the state it belongs, as your conscious runs deep

After a tearful purification, your awareness begins
To change your thought pattern & you will heal from within
Your energy changes; life makes you an offer
To drop all of the pain and you will no longer suffer

You begin to feel cleansed, a state of renewal
No longer allowing, those old thoughts to rule you
A happy mind-frame you now have achieved
A newly found confidence, you had to learn and believe

Your spirit now soars, as a mountain‘s water flows
You now have a gift-an ancient wisdom bestowed
There’s also a duty, to pass on this secret
No more depression, for self-love is the treatment



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