Late in the spring the warm air begins
Here comes the summer with warm weather trends
The smell of the grilling, the beauty of flowers
The trips to the parks, the star-gazing hours

The fishing, the traveling, the festivals too
The countryside drives, that leave you renewed
The jazz in the parks, the parades, all the fun
That warm weather brings us, it’s all just begun

The trips to the lakes to look at the boats
And those to the ocean, in my mind I make notes
A pontoon’s for me, fits all of my family
My dreams now stirred up, a bit of subtle alchemy

The evening fires, your mind in a trance
The sound of the crickets, the night-air romance
The beautiful moon, so near yet so far
You know your location by finding the North Star

I love the end of the spring and all of the summer
A soft summer storm, the rumble of thunder
The sun in your face, a nice breeze in the air
No other season could ever compare



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