We are born with sin, that is what is taught
we must also know then, to forgive & move on
if we live with the emotions of not forgiving someone’s soul
the real person not freely living, is You who is not whole

When a person asks forgiveness, and you use this as a pawn
then you jeopardize your life, and your health will take a turn
for the energy inside you, will slowly rot your cells
then the sickness is upon you, that you brought upon yourself

When your conscious is clear, then forgiveness is near
your energy changes and your old life rearranges
awareness is a spiritual power, your new life begins
a happy soul delivers, what was buried within

Learn to forgive and trust in yourself
be the beautiful creature that was meant to excel
learn how to use the gifts, found in life through nature
for it is an art to be learned, through the love of your creator



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