Quantum Leap-3rd Eye Discovered

3rd Eye

You begin to wonder, between you, what went wrong
The answer is so simple, only one soul was strong

One knew who they truly were
The other soul was lost
It easily transferred, to another person’s call
Without hesitation and leaving behind
Your mind’s transformation, your new journey in life

Each person you meet is a step towards your life lesson
Until you mind opens, to your greatness, your mission
You then find your purpose and will agree
Through all the past pain, the experiences set you free

Now in this newness, you being to ponder
How to handle the greatness, you just uncovered
It’s very simple, one step at a time
Your mind will deliver, your actions take stride

Life becomes easy, now that you’re free
It’s your turn to share, the secret, the key
That when you allow, yourself to awaken
Your purpose comes through, it cannot be mistaken

It is a gift, you have always possessed
If only you knew, you allowed it to rest
Now that you are aware, embrace your creations
The new life you found, is your true destination

Your thoughts will be as a rocket, high in the sky
That takes off so fast; it’s your beginning, not your demise
The proverbial wisdom begins your new quest
For in your own eyes, even you are impressed

The negative suffering that we all go through
Can be a true blessing, your turning point’s view
It’s the time in your life, to reprogram your mind
For what has been taught, was to help keep your mind blocked

When your quantum leap begins to reveal
That life is not always, what seems to be real
In all the confusion, that has guided your way
Remember to open your God-given gate

Always question life, research the past
You will soon find, you are infinite-and will forever last
The ancient world’s wisdom exist to this day
There is nothing to fear, so don’t be afraid

They were hiding the power, afraid you would find
Which guides your desires, a loss of control in their eyes
To this lesson in life, don’t ever give up
Because the answers are all, in your soul and your thoughts


Artwork by DariBluestar

3 thoughts on “Quantum Leap-3rd Eye Discovered

  1. I couldn’t stop smiling while reading this. I loved so many lines, in fact, I loved the entire thing. I can’t wait to read more from you.
    It reminded me of Rousso’s Allegory of the Cave where he states that we are chained by our perceptions of what we think our reality is.

    “Life becomes easy, now that you’re free.” ❤


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