Bad Decisions

What you invite into your life, you will have to deal with:

A bad decision is always made
with a hint of warning
in your gut on that day
your mind has a conflict
but your word or action
is the deal maker of the bad transaction

a crisis of conscience will shadow your mind
the decision you made, you should have declined
you’re on your way to a life lesson
a smile on your face, but a life of depression

until this phase has its lifespan
which you can control by changing its plan
confront the decision you made back then
live out the consequence and live happy again

Next time you aren’t sure about an option, listen to your gut and its distinct conscious.



Seed of Faith


I’ve been planted long ago, and have been living within
You keep turning me on and off, again and again
Each time you think of the wonderful person that you want to be
I have that much more grown, so please set me free

I’m ready to surge the next time your inner-thought appears
Of the desire in your heart, give it birth without fear
It is time to bring it forth, into manifestation
Your passion in life, your heart’s destination

Time-When Does It Belong to You?

Nature's Lifespan

People take time for granted; they think they have a lot of time for future plans, so they sit back, waste time and chill for a while.

Time is but a limited span of space in this physical world. You may not get to grow old in this dream space. Time is of the essence when your mind is aware; for your energy will make a transformation, and you will realize you have forsaken yourself with this misunderstanding of “time” if you don’t take action.

If today you were told your death date is one week from now, would you regret not attempting some things in life that you thought you had time for? If so, then why not start strategizing on how to progress to that level you once yearned. The hardest steps are the first two; making the decision and then committing to it with action. Don’t seek anyone’s approval, just go for it! As a matter of fact, keeping it quiet and researching in secret is even better. No one can bring that blissful twinkle in your eyes down to that emptiness that can be seen when a soul is internally lost, or broken by someone else’s negative opinion.

I recently, and peacefully, let go of a subconscious struggle. I then began to receive fun philosophical & psychological poetry and rhythms in my head. They would wake me up at night until I started writing them down. I could hear words in sounds, or see things differently than before (once in 3D). I shared this newfound joy with my sisters and they all said I needed to start blogging; they felt I could be helping someone out there in that web space. It was my “time” to get out of my comfort zone and do something totally new.

My initial thought was I’m too shy for that. What if someone started that “like” stuff or commented; and if they followed, heck I wouldn’t know what to do. Well, when my nephew made the same comment after reading a poem, it truly resonated. It was not a female’s perspective (as we tend to share the same emotions) and it did the trick. I signed up and half blinded started blogging mid-March (2017). I was a secretary for many years, so computers are not a big deal to me, unless I can’t figure something out-then it’s frustrating, like wondering why my paragraphs weren’t single spacing. What’s that dot on that bell in the right corner; what does a “click” mean; why aren’t my posts on the reader anymore…

I’m still lost in some of the formatting, and those dang photos won’t decrease in size the way I know how to do it, but oh well. Sometimes two photos show when I designated it in one spot, but I’ll edit later when I figure it out. I just need to keep reaching out and hope that the words have an effect on those that need/enjoy it. I have learned it’s all about universal synchronicity.

So equipped with only 11 poems at the time (mid-March), I now stand at 40 posts as of 6-23-17. I think back and wonder where all that came from… It just does, when you give in to the whimsical passion that is totally a new part of you. It’s your right “time.”

Love what you do, and if you haven’t discovered it yet, let go of something hoarding deep inside. It’s blocking your unique creativity, therefore robbing yourself, and the world, of your true abilities. You may even impress yourself.

Be humble and grateful at all times. Life is beautiful, if you allow it to be. Is it your time yet?


Prisoner of the Mind

Imprisoned in my limited world
the walls are not seen, but the conditioning’s there
society’s rules imprison my mind
the culture, the city, the system’s limiting vibes

I must be aware, the door is yet open
my plan to escape, my inner-love token
a step to a place I feel I have known

Once as a child, no worries and free
when I knew all was done to take care of me
a grateful life, a loving child
the simple things that made me smile

I’m taking it back, my imagination on fire
the greatest part of me, my heart’s desire
it’s who I am, not my surrounding’s requirements
social conditioning, not what I’m aspiring
I will think for myself and examine my world
no fragmented thinking, for I will be whole

Father vs. Dad

In my house & culture, the perception of a “father” was-the alpha who provided for his children with pride.  He was a bit too strict and rather boring. His roar intimidating, therefore the kids lacked confidence in him. No hugs were given, there was lack of encouragement because he didn’t participate in our activities-mom always did.

On the other hand, a “dad” provided and is-glad to participate in his children’s activities, shows lots of love, yet disciplines, supports their ambitions and eases them through their discovery phases.

A dad is one you can confide in without being afraid, maybe nervous, but know he will be fair. He will give you hugs and lets you know he cares. He grounds you when needed, keeping you focused. He expects your best without harsh judgement, because a dad knows his child well.

So to all the wonderful “dads” out there Happy Daddy’s Day.

Being Lonely


Why do people say they’re lonely
Especially with age
When you watch that their habits
Don’t seem to want to change
You hear they have their routines
To get them out the house
But when they get invited
They still turn it down

You try over and over to get them to join you
But excuses begin and you feel you can’t win
“Life is so boring” is what they will say
Yet I’m getting fed up, and I’m feeling betrayed

Well if that’s what you want, to limit your life
Don’t tell me your stories, complaints and your strife
You must learn to make changes, adapt to new ways
This is reality, you can enjoy and engage

Embrace the discomforts of making new friends
Don’t shut out the process, it’s always a win
You have to remember, there are many like you
So worried or anxious, to start something new

With time you’ll discover, life’s busy again
You’ll enjoy the company, of all the new friends
You may play cards, go shopping, or the beach for a walk
At least you will have someone, to have a long talk

So get it together, stop being a bore
And renew your social circle, which has been so ignored
Look in the mirror, the problem you knew
The one stopping the future, was only you