Bad Decisions

What you invite into your life, you will have to deal with: A bad decision is always made with a hint of warning in your gut on that day your mind has a conflict but your word or action is the deal maker of the bad transaction a crisis of conscience will shadow your mind … More Bad Decisions

Seed of Faith

I’ve been planted long ago, and have been living within You keep turning me on and off, again and again Each time you think of the wonderful person that you want to be I have that much more grown, so please set me free I’m ready to surge the next time your inner-thought appears Of … More Seed of Faith

Father vs. Dad

In my house & culture, the perception of a “father” was-the alpha who provided for his children with pride.  He was a bit too strict and rather boring. His roar intimidating, therefore the kids lacked confidence in him. No hugs were given, there was lack of encouragement because he didn’t participate in our activities-mom always … More Father vs. Dad

Being Lonely

Why do people say they’re lonely Especially with age When you watch that their habits Don’t seem to want to change You hear they have their routines To get them out the house But when they get invited They still turn it down You try over and over to get them to join you But … More Being Lonely


Did you know you have the power to get out of your depression (deep-rest)?  Believe in yourself-it’s the best form of mindful regeneration.  Confront the thoughts that put you there When you forgive the past, your mind begins to repair Then let your soul weep, and your spirit retreats To the state it belongs, as … More Depression


  Late in the spring the warm air begins Here comes the summer with warm weather trends The smell of the grilling, the beauty of flowers The trips to the parks, the star-gazing hours The fishing, the traveling, the festivals too The countryside drives, that leave you renewed The jazz in the parks, the parades, … More Summer