Release Me by DariBluestar

Unconsciously a lot of us don’t realize
And therefore, are not aware
That you don’t really love yourself
If you worry what other people care

If you always need opinions
Because you can’t decide
Something’s not right
If “always wrong” is how you view your mind

There is a lack of confidence
That creates a nervous fear
It stops your inner-being
Cause self-love is nowhere near

If life is all cause and effect
To awaken your mind out of its rest
It takes a negative vibe like something traumatic
For your emotional state to click into automatic
In shock you get on the “fight or flight” stage
Accept whatever happened and get into a new mind frame

You will soon be filled with information
And your life will then revolve
On your new-found transformation
That only you can make evolve

You will discover that you have achieved it
When your self-perception begins to change
You become aware of real life and now care
Of what You think, do, and say

No more going through life’s motions
As you begin to realize
If your past was lived for others
It’s your turn to learn to fly

In the process of discovering
And being open to your mind
New creations of your inner-self
Release your true-life’s design

You then begin to wonder
What has taken you so long
It’s all so clear and now you hear
Your heart’s calling, it’s where you belong

Now that you are ready
And release the illusions of fear
Your life will change and rearrange
Around your inner-sphere

Think with the heart
What your mind will create
The energy comes and the thought then escapes
The universe gathers all of the power
Your thoughts put to motion, in the same hour

Keep calling your dreams
And think of your goals
Don’t be afraid as the energy flows
All of a sudden your answer begins
Your mind filled with visions
The outcome, your best from within

The secret to life, your key, now you see
The power was in you, and will always be
For it is not selfish for your heart’s desire
To find your life’s mission and take yourself higher

Life becomes complete, you are feeling fulfilled
What an honor in life, to receive what your heart and mind built


Artwork by DariBluestar ©

2 thoughts on “Self-Love

  1. this is so true … its like something i read about how good it is to embrace ‘hopelessness’ cause its only when you embrace hopelessness that you let go and surrender. when you let go, is when things come to you in abundance !


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