Life’s Maze-Are You Stuck In It?

We grow up and begin to wonder about life as we age.  When we are young and feeling invincible, we don’t envision ourselves dying.  We assume we will live to be old before we rest in peace.  Life is a psychological wonder.  As you get closer to each decade, your thought pattern changes; or, is it that it adjusts?  Some people have trouble turning 30, while others don’t.  Whatever your “marker” is, don’t worry; once you pass it, things get better and the next decade won’t be as depressing.  You feel you become wiser with age; I suppose if you are quick to learn from life’s lessons, you are that much wiser.  Those that don’t learn live in a cycle they don’t realize they can break.  They have to reach a breaking point to find their way out, but a lot of people don’t allow themselves to get there.  There are only a few doors in the maze, but for some reason they continue through the winding channels.  Those who are willing to open the door with hope of escaping see only darkness ahead.  Many will close that door due to the darkness and assume it’s just a dark, empty place without investigating it further.  Some will step forward to find that the darkness was only the shadow of the tall, wide maze.  They then realize they could have gotten out long ago if they only had the courage to trust in themselves and follow their instinct, instead of trusting their eyes that only saw a never ending path—that merely lead to false hope.   The maze is merely your conditioned thoughts.  The secret is out.  Thoughts pass and new ones replace it.  So, release the bad thought and allow yourself to change the pattern.

When you are unhappy with something in your life, whether it’s your job, a relationship, or just an age adjustment of the unknown future, equip yourself for the confrontation you must acknowledge in order to help yourself progress and move forward.  You may need to educate yourself a little more to get into a job you have always desired.  Depending on your situation, you may only need to apply for something that will challenge your intellect.  Practice your situation; imagine you left your job to do whatever it is you truly want to do.  You earn more (or less), maybe have more time to yourself, or for your family.  You get to travel more; you’re emotionally and intellectually fulfilled.  The domino effect will follow; your health improves, no more fatigue because you are happy with your new situation that you created.  There is less stress, more time to concentrate on being the fullest you, and your health and social life are enhanced.  

The perception you want to accomplish is available, if you are willing to crash through your personal fear factor.  After all, it’s merely a thought.   What is holding you back and why?  Why do you stay in the maze knowing there is an outlet?  What have you done for yourself to move forward?  Making more money is not everyone’s goal.  Some people make a lot of money but the trade-off may be no inner peace, no social life and a bored partner.  A life of pretense that is unfulfilling can lead to poor health or depression.  An arrogant attitude means that person is living an unhappy life.  They seek something that they cannot seem to achieve.  There is an emptiness that money cannot purchase, or chase away.  How many times have you heard of a rich person committing suicide…?  You must have thought at one point in your life, “If I only won the lottery,” or felt that if you “only had a break” to help you get started.  Ponder this-If you didn’t have to work, what would you do instead to enrich your life?  How would you spend your days, weeks, years?

I challenge you to write down the negative aspects of your life that you would like to change.  For example:  

1.  I’m bored with my job, although I get a decent pay
2.  I need to find a better boyfriend
3.  I need to improve my marriage or we’re headed toward a divorce
4.  I can’t travel because I work too many hours
5.  I don’t take a lunch break because I’ve been conditioned to feel guilty if I did

After each one, write why you think you are stuck there; you may have to admit to your inner fears, but those fears are your personal “doors”.   Once you are honest with yourself and discover the only one holding you down is YOU, you can no longer blame anyone else.  No yelling at the kids because you are  unhappy or stressed.  No more complaining about something, because you haven’t confronted your personal issues.  Change your fearful, negative attitude and stop venting your displaced anger on someone else.  Deal with your “self”.  Open your heart and mind.  Make room for forgiveness and give yourself permission to release the anxiety of blame and fear.   

Next, write down how you plan to change each negative (fear) for the better.  Example for #1:  I’m going to take a class for that department I’ve always wanted to work in; or, I’m going to apply for jobs that really interest me and give me a challenge even if it’s not within this company; or, since I’ve been with this company too long to lose my pension, when I retire I am going to … since I’ve always wanted to do that.  How long does it take you to cross out each negative because you changed it for the better?

You need to understand yourself internally, but you must be honest with yourself.  If you can see it on paper, you can change it in your mind, instead of allowing it to hinder your life.  The last step in your self-evaluation is to write your dreams down in detail, along with your goals, both short and long-term.  View them in your head, (I am working in a job I love.  I am going to work in my new SUV while driving to the beach to write my next article…), listen to the inner call and then apply yourself to reaching those goals.  Once you make the decision to accomplish them, the path will be easier to achieve.  You must recognize your path though.  You will suddenly find yourself talking to someone that can help you get closer to those goals.  This “meeting” of people will come from nowhere.  Life happens this way.  You just need to acknowledge the changes.  It may be in a form of written information that you feel you accidentally stumbled upon.  No, it’s the acceptance in your mind of the changes you want for yourself.  

If you believe in a higher spiritual being (God), you are a king’s child.  A king’s child is innately rich.  Be aware of this, as well as grateful.  Start using your spiritual connection to your king and do good for yourself and the people you love, or those that want to help.  Those that do not want to acknowledge their richness will always have that empty void in their souls.  When I hear preachers preach on living simple and give your money to the church, I never return.  God is good and he wants you to be happy and richly blesses you if you allow it.  You cannot out-give God, and must claim the blessings he has for you.  If someone doesn’t want you to progress in life, they are a lost soul.  Keep your relationship somewhat distant.  Let them watch you grow.  One day they will want to know your secret.   

Evaluate your life; find your inner self.  Let go of the past, live in the present and create your future.   Once you feel the peace take over, DREAM BIG!  Write your goals and aspirations in detail; let God present the path, accept it and follow it without fear and have faith.  Fear is only fear if you allow it to be, after all-it’s only a thought barrier.  Use the wisdom and grace that will surround you. Do your research and start living.   Get out of life’s maze.  There’s a whole world around you that you are not experiencing that was made for you.  Listen to the sound of water from a creek, ocean or lake, see the lush green of a nature hike on an island, smell the earth as you walk and listen to the sounds around you.  You need to honor creation by acknowledging its work.  After all, it was made with you in mind.  Don’t do what you “should” do.  Do what you need to do to live a peaceful, happy, God-approved life. It’s only between you and the creator.

This physical life is short; although time seems slow, it moves too fast.  Find yourself and follow your dreams; only You can make them happen.  



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