Learning to Love Life

You haven’t lived life if:

You are out and about and can’t hear the birds
The sounds of God’s blessings are meant to be heard

You’re so busy inside, you don’t get enough light
The sun is for you, to grow food and to feed
All of the nations, for all are in need
Your skin needs it too, and so does your mind
The sun makes us happy; and provides us all life

You haven’t lived life if:

When you’re with your friends, you hold back your laugh
Let yourself go, you won’t wet your pants
And if someone does, it just goes to show
You’re all having a blast, the best one that you know

You haven’t lived life if:

You don’t have a dream, give it a try
And if you fail, that’s nothing new
You have to perfect this new version of You

You haven’t traveled
There is much to see and do
That your mind may be baffled
And it becomes a new part of you

At some points in your life
You release like a child
And exclaim your delight
And show a wonderful smile

You haven’t lived life if:

You won’t move on, if your heart has been broken
Be still and listen, until your inner “self” has spoken
The only release to make you move forward
Is to stomp on that “hurt” thought, and get out of its corner
Replace it with— I love myself and I am better
I’m living life; I am not on a tether

When you are down, go dance in your room
The music, your favorite that lifts up your mood
The elation you get, in that moment in time
Is what living’s about, connecting the heart and the mind

You haven’t lived life if:

You are not happy with “You”
Materialistic minds are sometimes hiding
Their feelings inside, that they have to keep fighting
Not knowing “thyself” will keep you searching
For things in this world, and that isn’t working

Happiness is your internal perception
Adjusted to meet only your expectations
When your mind finally “clicks,” based on this knowledge
You then generate a newfound solace

Nothing is sweeter than knowing your self
A peace from within and loving as well
The emotional status that you now create
Your burdens lift up, no more transmitting that weight

Take a deep breath, feel your new inspiration
Your mind now quite changed, no more depravation
Now go live your life, meant just for you
You are now a new person, evolved and renewed

Don’t take life for granted and each day that you wake, give thanks to your maker
for allowing your stay.





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