A Good Woman Knows…

A good woman to a good man might be:

A woman that smiles, his heart she wins
Her eyes are so trusting, her soft touch on his skin

She cooks with love, makes me feel like a king
She always gives thanks, for the littlest things

She lifts me up when I am in doubt
She will encourage my goals, and likes to chill out

She is not too materialistic, and hardly complains
But even when she does, it is not with disdain

She keeps the house well, and has really great taste
Her attire is nice, her demeanor-with grace

When we are intimate, she is a tiger
Exerting her feelings, of which I admire

She enhances creations, from within my mind
A good woman’s trait, when her love is so kind

When I’m overworked, she understands
And begins to massage me, with those beautiful hands

She respects my true person, and knows how to manage
When my anger begins, I do not take advantage

She knows when I’m sick; I may act like a baby
She is at my side, and her love is displayed to me

She likes to have fun
This we have in common
We don’t have to compete
And it’s such a relief

I love being around her, and when she’s away
I don’t mind that she tells me, about her fun day

A good woman knows:

That as a man
I will open the door and offer my hand
She’s not filled with pride that I can’t make
A gentleman’s offer, which makes me feel great

A man always pays, but once in a while
She gives me a break, and inside I smile

She also sees, that when a game’s on
If she doesn’t watch with, she leaves me alone
And since she loves me, she gives me a hand
At making some snacks, or a meal for my friends

A good woman knows:

A man’s deep desire
And his mom can see why, his heart is on fire



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