In My Mother’s Home

In the older days, mothers made the house a home
She’d fill it with love and cooked for your soul
She’d make your favorite foods, when you did something especially good
And when you were sick and couldn’t sleep
There came that warm milk, love’s such a treat

She’d gently teach you life lessons
Never a spanking, instead just wise words
That burned in your mind and kept you in line

Back then she would sew, made pretty clothes for her girls
Surprised me with my first uniform
For a show, in which I would twirl
I was happy and nervous, yet so proud to be
In the uniform that, my mom made for me

My dad didn’t like it, didn’t like what he’d seen
But my mom made my surprise, and I wore it indeed
He was just being dad, seeing I was growing up a bit
But my mom knew, how to handle him

She did things with love, with so much care
She made everything easy and childhood pleasing
When I grew up, I took with me
Everything that I loved that was gifted in thee
I cooked to your standards the things I could make
I would taste them and say, “Man I did great”

I took all of your lessons, in my child I instilled
To be grateful in life, make it what you will
Life’s not always grand, you may be alone
But always make your house, a very loving home



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