Wants vs. Needs


I “wanted” myself poor
I didn’t stop at needs
A lot came through my door
And one is on the street

I couldn’t stop at nice
My eyes preferred the fancy
It now holds me down
And I’m not truly happy

Yet, in my financial mess
I don’t want the blame
It’s the visual effects
Of the psychological games

If I could “want” myself to save
As much as I had spent
On unnecessary things I’ve bought
I’d feel rich by the year ten

I would have a lot less
And a job that I would love
Then from there all my checks
Would feel like a bonus from above

I would have real food on my plate
And my favorite clothes on my back
My social life pleasing
My love-life intact

I would not owe on past bills
I would pay all in cash
On quality things, so I know they would last

No credit debt, I have all I need
And on my many vacations, I would do as I please

If I “wanted” myself richer
Instead of feeding visual desires
My emotional state would integrate
Within wisdom and not lack in power

I now see the reality
What more could I expect
When I lacked a certain quality
I now know, is self-respect

No more wasting money
Which is just abuse
I work too hard, to give away
The many things that I don’t use




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