A Good Man Knows:

When in a relationship, a good man knows:

When to hold your hand, and not tickle your toes

He will know when you are hurting
How to make you feel secure
He will offer you a hug and allow your tears to spill

And if he’s really special
He doesn’t look for fights
Instead, he brings your favorite cookie
From a bakery nearby

He knows that in a good relationship
There is no right or wrong
You must agree to compromise
A key to keep love strong

He offers his advice, no matter your petition
He gives you time to deal with, your negative position

You surely have a winner, that all the girls would like
but in his eyes you are the one, that has his heart in life

A good man knows:

When he takes you out to dance
A fun night always leads to romance
The holding, the closeness makes everything right
The next day you see, so much love in his eyes

A good man knows:

When his woman is sick
He does his best to make her a meal
And on the forehead, he will plant a gentle kiss

He knows how to treat a woman right
And respects all of her emotional sides

He will not change around family or friends
He is always confident, and that’s sexy
Because he knows exactly who he is

A good man knows:

The empty void he always provides
That a strong woman may have, dwelling deep inside

He is quite proud of her and does not feel insecure
If her income or status is higher than his
Her intellectual side is a mind-blowing privilege
That he continually desires to explore
And she compliments his image

A good man knows:

What he needs by his side
A spiritual connection
That recharges his life
For she too must naturally offer
All of his good deeds
In order to fulfill his emotional needs



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