Discovering Me

I stepped into religion looking for my “self”, and learned the fundamentals.  I stepped into a new one, and learned about spirituality-although it was still limited.  I stepped out of religion and discovered the true power of God, and my own abilities.  I now have shared this wisdom by writing and I continue to grow daily.

Life is as beautiful, abundant and powerful as you allow it to be.  Don’t limit your possibilities based on the unknown (FEAR).  Just take a mental state of mind forward, and watch your life progress and thrive.  Be creative; the flow comes from within once you discover your “self”, your true-being, purpose and mission all follow.  Enjoy and embrace the journey.  The destination will come at the right time.  In life there will be many.  Self-love is a powerful guide.

Intuition is to be respected; it’s a red or green light about your thoughts or surroundings.  Pay attention, life is all about choices.  Good or bad, each one results in a life-experience lesson.  When you are spiritually awake, blame is not an option.  Sole responsibility becomes a sign of true evolution.

Your gifts are internal, including peace.  The materialistic perception of happiness is nothing but deception.  I found this out when a very high-class person could not seem to take the fact that this simple person (me & my positive energy), was well liked by several people.  So, status, money, the big lake home, etc. are obviously not “all that”.  Especially, when that person lacks self-love and is unhappy in life.  You have heard it before; a rich person committing suicide, because something was missing that they could not purchase.  It is shocking news, because we believe having money is having everything.

Now I ask you this-who are you?  What are you doing to lift your inner-self higher?  If you are already there, please share your “discovery” moment so others can see that true happiness does exist.


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